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Take Down Seasonal Enemies for Fun and Loot in the Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Winter Event

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Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is opening up the year with the arrival of its winter event today.  The winter event brings snow and seasonal enemies along with winter themed decor all over. This all leads up to the Winter World Trial next week.

You can find seasonal enemies all over including the Nord rap he's in little winter outfits. Central City is decorated for the event and you can find Mischief symbols all around. Both regions will be participating so you can find seasonal monsters and different events throughout both Aelio and Retem.

There are daily and weekly tasks to enjoy, giving you rewards like avatar items and points that you can exchange for other items. Some of those items up for points during the first half of the event include the Mag Form/Winter Minimo, STP: Rappy, and a Tiger Cape. The second half of the event begins on January 26th, after which the items will also include a tiger head Mount and a rope ribbon. There will also be star gems and a series of special scratch tickets that you can also trade for points in the second half. And get enough seasonal points and you can get the special Wind element Tempesta weapon series and take out these seasonal enemies fast.

Most sectors will spawn seasonal enemies, which will have seasonal symbols over their heads for easy finding and hunting. For this event, they’ll be weak to Wind, so prepare to launch elemental attacks. Retem will have  seasonal enemies and bosses spawning with seasonal symbols in both of the area’s Urgent Quests. 

The Winter World Trial: Stellar Grace Recovery Operation begins on January 19th and the Stellar Grace Recovery Operation will be decorated for winter. If you join in, you’ll get a guaranteed SG5 ticket.

For more details on the winter event and other January updates, see the update here on Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.


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