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Take an In-Depth Look at Zereth Mortis and Your Options in Eternity's End

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 With Eternity's End going live in just four days, Blizzard is unrolling new reveals for what you can expect when you set foot in Zereth Mortis and start your adventure on the way to stop the Jailer, discover the secrets of the First Ones, and earl yourself new rewards and new accomplishments.  

Although the announcement of Eternity’s End was quickly followed by a little bit about Zereth Mortis, We are now getting a more in-depth look to prepare to explore the new zones. Zereth Mortis is in the Shadowlands and it was created by the mysterious First Ones. The Automa, who you’ll meet, have built everything in the Shadowlands and you may find yourself questioning what you thought you knew about realities and what is possible after this.

The campaign will take you all across the new zones in your battle against the Jailer and his forces, but simply exploring the terrain will also give you some surprises.  For one, you'll be able to walk on water in Zereth Mortis. This won't require any special skills or spells or a mount. You’ll also be able to learn to fly.  Not the only amazing secret you'll come across. A faction known as the Enlightened can be your allies if you win them over. This represents the start of learning and gaining a ton of new options. With pets and mounts mentioned in the preview, you should count on working to unlock Synthesis Forges and what they can create.

The Cypher of the First Ones is a system that will be important to decipher and learn to understand the mysterious language used by the Automa. Once you're able to understand the language, this will allow you to progress, and even to find raid-level gear of ilevel 252 through the outdoor progression system. Cypher equipment is a new option that you can get through the campaigns quests and collections. This will be focused on both the campaign and stopping the Jailer and his plans, along with solving the mysterious secrets of the first ones and a whole bunch of outdoor content and progression options.

See the full journey into Zereth Mortis over at World of Warcraft.


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