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Take a Tour of Mirroria's New Locations and Lyra's Combat Strategies Coming to Tower of Fantasy

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Tower of Fantasy is getting ready for its big Mirafleur Moonshade update, which will be out on December 22nd. The latest round of previews include a tour video of the new locations you’ll be able to visit and activities you could spend time doing in in the city of Mirroria. There's also a new showcase for simulacra Lyra and her combat strategies.

Opening up on a performance at the music venue that will be in the patch, the showcase is set to a song with (translated) lyrics like “Aim for the stars, Cyber Town”. It serves as a mini tour of the number of the new features and places, showing off the cinema in town, what racing will look like at the track, the bowling alley, game room, ferris wheel, and more. There’s a brief stop at a pet shop, and game room. The video even shows an appearance by the new simulacra, Lyra.

When Hotta Studio decided to put in a cyberpunk neon colored city filled with layers of entertainment and locations, Can you end up dating and adding more layers and activities that stem from this location. This next update is a big one, and it will update and expand the city even more. 

When it comes to the new simulacra Lyra, there's also a new Showcase Video demonstrating how she can be a benefit to your team. A support team would be boosted by Lyra because she can add buffs to other teammates. She attacks with Vesper, her signature weapon that looks like a giant cybernetic arm.

Several of her abilities will mark the targets with Enlightenment marks, which she follows with normal attacks to deal extra damage.  When she deals damage, her attacks also do a small amount of healing for herself, and she can apply a “Forgiveness Guard” buff to teammates too. Then, the more guard she has in combat apply to teammates, the more damage she does to targets she attacks after placing an Enlightenment mark. There are a number of steps that she has to take but she can be a really valuable teammate. 

For more, head over to Tower of Fantasy.


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