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Take a Tour of Elsweyr, the Homeland of the Khajiit in Elder Scrolls Online

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The Elder Scrolls Online team has posted a new article that introduces players to Elsweyr, the homeland of the Khajiit. The article goes into details about the design of the environments and where they found their inspiration. "There's always a logic to the way things are in Tamriel, grounding in reality." the post reads.

“The challenge with Elsweyr was the verticality and traversal,” explains Kevin Boehm, ESO’s Lead Artist in charge of worldbuilding. “This new zone features a lot of cliffs and a huge gorge that runs right through the middle, so it was tricky to build all those canyons and vistas without making it difficult for the player to navigate. In several locations, we had to go back and add more paths out, because while they’re really cool to look at, if you’re stuck in a canyon and you have to ride 100 meters to find a path up, it can be frustrating.”

The post further examines the Khajiit, their family structures and how their reputations as "thieves or worse" has affected them throughout the millennia. 

While players have mainly encountered the nomadic Khajiit up to now, Elsweyr will show their more domesticated side with Khajiiti buildings built atop the ruins of older ones to show the passage of history.

Finally, the post wraps up with "a land in conflict" that peeks into the less-friendly elements players will meet in Elsweyr. 

Check it out on the Elder Scrolls Online site.


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