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Take a Look at The Brawler in New Lord of the Rings Online Teaser

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Brawler is coming to the Lord of the Rings Online next week, and Standing Stone Games has released a brief teaser showing off the new class. 

All of the recent changes in the game are, of course, leading up to the release of Fate of Gundabad, and the Brawler marks the first new class for the game in years. That said, from the teaser, the Brawler looks playable in a couple of ways, so if you're looking to go and unleash a flurry of punches into the faces of any nearby Orcs, you'll be able to do that. Though you'll be able to play defensively at least sometimes in order to protect your fellowship. Primarily, though, it seems that the Brawler will be truer to its name and be ready for those who want to balance a bit more on the offensive end. Still, there’s plenty to learn about the class and see whether it might be for your or not. 

As with any long-running game with a particular community, the Brawler has and has gotten some mixed initial impressions. The Brawler has been available to test out on Bullroarer, including recently, though there have been some changes. Of course, the final release of the class isn't out yet, so until October 13th. Still, with the game introducing new systems, revamping older ones (including Legendaries), and introducing the first new class in seven years, The Lord of the Rings Online is looking towards its future. 

Fate of Gundabad will be out on November 10th, so there's still plenty of time to create a Brawler and try it out before deciding which of your characters you'll want to play through the expansion content with on your first go. A good opportunity to play through some of the older quest content you may have missed while it’s still available to claim for free through the end of November.


Christina Gonzalez

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