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Take a Look at Profane's Character Creation Development Progress

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 The Profane team is back with another update on the game's development, this time it's all about character creation.

This latest peek at character creation follows an earlier video from over the summer where they revealed some of the character creation screens and plans. This time, there's a video showing some of the available options and an example character showing an idle animation that another post in the Twitter thread says is going to be replaced soon. 

The new peek at character creation is still early and there are limited options as of yet, but what we can get from this latest update is an idea of the UI, the way the information will be presented, and how the available options, once finalized (or, at least, closer to final stages) will work in action. Of course, not being finalized, there’s an open call for feedback on both the look and suggestions for character elements to consider adding.

Development on Profane continues and these updates from the team offer some insight into the features and structure of the upcoming sandbox. In recent months, we’ve gotten previews of the housing system, the Primordial Elements at the heart of what powers the world and all of the magic and mystic abilities that the characters will get in the lore, and even regularly looks back on development progress.

While Profane’s release may be off in the future, these peeks do help shape what’s coming and what might be missing, as well as keep attention on the game’s progress. The character creation video from over the summer already shows that today’s preview is the result of a ton of work put into the additions and changes.

For more on the new details about the character customization peek, as well as the game’s development, an inside joke, and more, see the original Twitter thread here. 


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