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Tad Williams Meets with the MMO Dev Team About Future Plans & Stories

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Otherland author Tad Williams is in Krakow to meet with members of the Drago Entertainment development team, the very folks who are working to bring his vision of Otherland to life in an MMO. During the course of the meetings, Williams revealed that he is "working on a new Otherland story -- which is actually a very short novel". He and Drago are brainstorming ways to "offer parts of it for free through the game". 

We are also, of course, talking about long-term plans for how to continue the game, and places and worlds that could be added, and new abilities and attributes for the players to customize themselves. And of course, because it’s Otherland, there is a story under everything, so since I have long-term plans to write more Otherland books, we’re also talking about ways to keep the written stories and games connected to each other, and to use one to enrich the other. (That will work BOTH ways.)

Read the full letter on the Otherland Facebook page.


Suzie Ford

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