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SWTOR's Legacy of the Sith Story Trailer Shows Darth Malgus Has a New Plan

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Darth Malgus is at it again, to state the obvious. Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting ready to launch Legacy of the Sith on February 15th, along with update 7.0 that will change many of the game’s systems. Today, we have a look at the Legacy of the Sith story trailer and some coming changes to 7.0 based on PTS feedback on gearing and more.

Malgus has another plan, and in the narration over the trailer, we hear musings on power, and what you’re willing to do for it, along with an assessment of how wrong both sides can be. He’s plotting again and we’ll begin to see just what his plans are when the expansion launches and we can jump into the story.

This content will be shaping SWTOR in 2022, along with some of the significant changes coming in 7.0. Some of the most commented about there are the gearing changes.

Some of the PTS feedback led to changes like rewarding Galactic Starfighter to be closer to PVP rewards, like a chance to get Legendary Embers and increasing the number of tech fragments awarded per win. But some concerns still remain, especially when it comes to gear for the solo player or players who play in small groups.

One of the changes announced targeted towards solo players is that players on the Conquest Gear track will now get a Noble Decurion distribution crate that will give each player one piece of noble Decurion  gear at a level equal to one piece they have equipped. Players will get these on the weekly missions for heroic and daily areas.

Some concerns over gear also led the team to announce that they are putting tertiary stats on different gear pieces across a number of different sets. Equipping gear from these other sets that aren’t intended for your particular class but might have a stat you need or a look you prefer.

While this might help some people, it doesn’t alter one of the most disliked changes: the removal of moddable gear. Losing the ability to mod your own gear, whether drops or cash shop pieces you loved, is something that isn’t quite made up for by adding in some additional pieces with particular stats to plug some gaps.

For the full list of PTS feedback changes to 7.0 gearing, head to Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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