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SWTOR's Keith Kanneg Talks What BioWare is Doing Post 7.0, With Major Fixes Coming This Month

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Project Director Keith Kanneg has published an update to the Star Wars: The Old Republic community about what’s been going on since the release of Legacy of the Sith. He responds to feedback as well as how BioWare is preparing for both a major update dedicated to fixes and new content.

Kanneg acknowledges that the transition to 7.0 was not a smooth one for many players, so they’ve been trying to fix key issues as well as responding to feedback they’ve gotten. The volume of fixes needed will warrant an entire patch. This next patch is targeted for around March 22 and is set to have at least 200 fixes in one large push. 

The issues that will be fixed include adjusting contrast in the inventory screen that was reportedly giving players headaches, the category filter in the ability window needed to show all categories, certain chests that were intended to have loot in them didn’t actually have any loot, and unifying colors on individual armor pieces sometimes not being saved when you leave the outfitter window.

Many of these changes are currently on the recently updated PTS build, and the PTS patch notes will also be updated soon so people can follow the development and progress on the fixes. One other thing that is frustrating some players is when fighting Malgus on Elom during the Flashpoint, something in the game causes players to take a lot of unexpected and unintended, damage. They are testing a fix on the PTS and explain that this is because they have documented the bug on the live server but can’t reproduce it on the development server. They have some suspected causes, but testing continues.

Kanneg also noted that 7.0 was such a transformational and fundamental update to the game that some players are still getting used to things. He also promises that more story is coming and 7.0 was the first step toward what they want to do for the future of SWTOR. Also coming during the 7.0 updates this year will be a PVP revamp, new locations, and more graphic and modernization improvements.


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