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SWTOR Update 7.0.1 is Live, Brings Mission Availability and Balance Changes, Rewards and GTN issues Reported

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 Star Wars: The Old Republic  got update 7.0.1 today, and while the update did address a number of pressing issues related to the release of Legacy of the Sith and the huge changes that arrived in 7.0, there are also a few other issues, including some new ones.

This week’s update follows some recent posts from Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Keith Kanneg and Chris Schmidt on the way community feedback has been shaping their approach to some of the systems and changes the game will be getting in this update and subsequent ones. With the way some testing played out didn’t reflect the live experience, there have been plans to make all Flashpoints available in group finder every week and all story mode operations will now only be accessible by players level 80+  all weekly missions for Dailies and Heroics are also now always available.  With the extended access to all of  Dailies and Heroics, they will be repeatable twice a week instead of the previous three times a week. Some of the other changes in this update reflect balance changes for Flashpoints and power in both Warzones and Arenas as well as weekly missions.

Players have reported issues for Galactic Seasons Rewards that are supposed to go 2 subscribers since the patch  was released. In addition, the SWTOR team announced that all Galactic Trade Network sales that were active before the patch have been marked as expired and all the items will be returned to players via their mail. This is a reset but item should still be available once they're all successfully returned. There are still some known issues that remain, including for some players who try to take down Darth Malgus in the Ruins of Nul Flashpoint in story mode. The team is still not able to recreate it internally but they have made some changes in this patch to see if it works for players who were still having issues.

Additional changes in this update include Dragon drop items from your inventory to your spots, reduce brightness around the inventory slots and another accessibility change in making empty gear mod slots squares instead of circles after trypophobia reports.

You can read the full patch notes over at Star Wars: the Old Republic. 


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