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SWTOR Team Details 7.1, New Story, R-4 Anomaly Operation, Manaan Daily Area, Raised Item Levels, and More

Coming on August 2nd

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Star Wars: The Old Republic team held a livestream to detail what's coming in update 7.1 when it's out next Tuesday, August 2nd.  Some of what we can expect in the new content include a new story update, increasing the item rating cap, and bringing back mods to itemization. Also detailed were the R-4 Anomaly, the Manaan Daily Area and how you can influence it, new NPCs, UI improvements, and more. 

The new story update, "Digging Deeper" will be a short one that follows Darth Malgus’ attack on Darth Nul’s temple. Players will be able to find clues to discover what he was up to and the fate of the Jedi Padawan he dueled in Elon, Sa’har Kateen. 

When it comes to items, the highest item rating will increase and all players will be able to get stronger gear. After feedback, the team also decided to return mods into the end game itemization options. You can expect item ratings up to 340, depending on the type of gear and particular items. Mods will come in at 328 item level.

Manaan’s new Daily Area will let you take on new daily and weekly missions and even potentially expand your faction’s influence in the area. New NPCs will help you to bring this to reality. The Republic will get Minn Ishkah, a Nautolan and member of the Republic Diplomatic Corps. The Manaan Special Warfare group sends Selkath representative Captain Wo Kasto. On the Imperial side will be Commander Qrukk, a Sith Intelligence officer, and servant of Darth Xarion.

The R-4 Anomaly Operation has had some visual updates since testing, and will feature four bosses to challenge. Story mode and Veteran mode will be available and different stories will be based on your character’s faction .

Improvements that have been made include UI updates to the Outfitter,  the combat style icon color wheel, and more. The team also announced new items for the Cartel Market, and that the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event will be back (with new rewards) on August 2nd, after the new update arrives.

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