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SWTOR Sorcerer and Assassin Combat Updates Now on PTS

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Star Wars: The Old Republic has been on a tear updating a full slate of combat styles. The latest to get polish are now up for testing on the PTS: the Sorcerer and Assassin.

Some of the work here began with analysis of the changes to the Sith Inquisitor. The update post notes that the Sith Inquisitor's current form involves a lot of things at once. Having all of those moving parts, active abilities, utilities, passive modifiers, and in the end, knowing just how they all work together, when and how to use them all could be a little daunting. In the end, you're also supposed to have fun, and with an IP like Star Wars, there's the identities of the classes and how they blend into the overall game to consider.

This consideration led them to break down aspects of both the Sorcerer and Assassin and begin to gauge how players were able to combine all of those elements together. The conclusion was similar and so these two classes in the redesign and update are also supposed to seem like they're not too much, that things are clear and the relationships between abilities match both player perception of what they should feel like and that they feel able to play them in that way, extending to customization options too.

In the update post discussing the design questions and importance of community contributions to the testing, the SWTOR team asks those who intend to access and test the limited new content to consider two important questions: "does this feel like a Sorcerer and Assassin?" and “what abilities make this class unique?". Star Wars has lots of room to grow, as many media ventures have shown, but there’s still a sense of what Star Wars should feel like, and the player feedback remains important in keeping things fresh. More content will also hit the PTS before Legacy of the Sith arrives, so these questions will continue to be relevant.


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