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SWTOR Outlines Upcoming Changes to Login Reward Stims

In an upcoming update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new post on the Star Wars The Old Republic forums points to adjustments coming to login reward stims.

The information was posted by David Staats who is a Systems Designer on the game. David notes that the current stims will actually be replaced by new expansive stims and adrenals. These “Expansive” stims are meant to give you a benefit based on your level at the time you apply it instead of just a base flat benefit. This benefit will persist throughout defeat.

David continues,

“Once this update goes live, your existing stims from the Login Reward system should convert to their new functionality.

  • The Basic Battle Versatile Stim will become an Expansive Versatile Stim.
  • The Basic Command Stim will become an Expansive Command Stim.
  • The Prototype Battle Versatile Stim will become an Expansive Attack Adrenal.”

This change will be implemented in a future update, so hang tight.


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