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SWTOR Outlines New Login Rewards and Emote Window Arriving in Update 6.2

Rewards and emote your day away

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Game Update 6.2 is hitting Star War The Old Republic soon and will bring new login rewards and an emote window.

The new login rewards system is intended to reward everyone just for logging in the game, pretty similar to other such systems in various other games. There will be a new login rewards window which you can open and claim your rewards. These rewards include Companion Gifts, Crafting Materials, Dyes, Tech Fragments, and more.

Rewards will be based on 28-day calendars with their own themes like Strength in Allies, Unified Efforts, Aggressive Negotiations, and more. The emote window is also arriving with update 6.2 with the goal of simplifying searching for an emote. The team spent quite a lot of time and effort into the design of this window,

“We leaned into making this new window very visual, so you can find the exact emote you are looking for at a glance! Emotes now appear in two simple categories, Unlocked and Locked. This way, you’ll never have to guess whether you’ve unlocked that specific dance emote or not! We are also adding additional icons for each emote to communicate if the emote loops or not. We’ve also added the speaker icon for any emote that has an audio element!”


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