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SWTOR Continues Testing Onslaught Tweaks On Its PTS, Including Crafting and Spoils of War

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Announced via tweet and covered in detail on their site, SWTOR has pushed the second major phase of Onslaught onto PTS.

Onslaught boasts increased loot drops, amplifiers, deconstruction, a slot-targeting vendor, and Galactic Renown changes, all of which are live on PTS.

Changes are also at hand for the crafting system.

“Crafting and Crew Skill specific materials, such as Armormech’s “Armormech Combined Component”, have been expanded to have three quality types - Premium, Prototype, Artifact. Let’s say you’re an Armormech and want to craft the highest quality Armormech Combined Component. You can take your lower quality materials, such as premium, and with a handful of other materials, create an Artifact quality one. Additionally, Crafting materials needed for upper tier crafting can also be obtained via Flashpoints, Operations, or PvP. These aren’t limited to specific activities, but instead can be obtained from any of them.”

Rewards include the following for completing their respective actions:

  • Complete the first PTS achievement - The Strike Team Specialist and Strike Team Commander Character Titles.
  • Complete the second PTS achievement (available in a future PTS update) - The new Kai Zykken MK-85 Test Log Mount. Warning - Mount may move at the speed of an actual log.

Check out the full update here.


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