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Swords of Legends Online's The Forbidden Court Update Adds New Story, Two New Raids & More This Month

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This month, Swords of Legends Online adds new story content, new raids, and more in its coming update 1.1, The Forbidden Court. For those looking for more content, including more endgame content, this update will bring that, with the two new raids debuting in their normal forms, new items and more.

The Forbidden Court will be released on November 18th, with the first new raid, Sparkwood Gardens, opening up one week later on November 25th. So what else will you be able to do? There’s a new chapter that will progress the story and let you help look into the Awakeners’ attacks on the Floral Palace.

Sparkwood Gardens will open for 10-20 players that want to take on its mysterious and mutated bosses, all themed to the gardens theme and the corrupted magic that changed them. Among them is the Jade Blade Mantis, a transformed praying mantis that's now equipped with huge pincers and armored defensively in a jade carapace. Shirenchang of the Plant Spirit, the result of putting a sprite into a shirenchang, combining them into a new challenge. the Four-Armed Ghoul, with little more in mind than destroying you, and Ismael, a dangerous leader of the Yin.

The second raid, Forbidden Court of the Floral Palace, will tie into the storyline and also feature four bosses to conquer for 10-20 player groups.

There’s also a new feature called the Memory Box, which looks to offer ways to make dungeon challenges harder for better loot. A new minigame, Sunshine Cage, lets teams of up to five earn themselves Solar Gold Crystals for new rewards.

The SOLO team is also holding a special preview stream for the PVE content in the coming update today at 3pm Eastern/ 9pm CET on the game's official Twitch channel.

For more on the update, see the Swords of Legends Online announcement here.


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