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Swords Of Legends Online's Beta Test Starts On May 21st

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Coming off the recent media preview alpha, Gameforge announced today the dates for Swords of Legends Online's upcoming beta tests. Preoder players will get access to these tests, with two periods planned in the coming weeks, the first starting on May 21st.

The announcement was made on the SOLO website, detailing the two beta periods the MMORPG will have. The first test will will begin on May 21st and run through the 25th of May. The second test starts in June on the 1st and ends on June 8th. These tests will provide a chance for players to check out the upcoming MMORPG ahead of its full launch later this summer.

For players who have pre-purchased Swords of Legends Online in anticipation of the beta test, you can start to predownload next week on either Gameforge or Steam. Currently the tests themselves will only be available in North America and Europe, though players can change regions if you find most of your friends are in one or the other.

If the beta is anything like the alpha, there will be a ton of content for players to discover over the course of the test, including some of the dungeons the team has been showcasing this week, including the Raging River Ruins dungeon. Players will be able to check out the different classes as well, dive into the story and get first hand gameplay heading into the launch, which Gameforge is targeting for this Summer.

The SOLO team recent ran through the dungeons on Twitch and YouTube, showing real gameplay footage for those interested in getting a closer look ahead of the beta test.

We've had the ability to go hands on with Swords of Legends Online earlier this month, and while the MMO doesn't seem to be doing anything really genre changing, it is a lot of fun from our experience thus far. Steven also put together a great primer for those looking for reason to - or not to - play SOLO


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