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Swords of Legends Online Update Adds New Taihua Raid and Begins New Battle Pass Season

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Continuing to add content to The Firestone Legacy, Swords of Legends Online has just added the Taihua Instance raid, tweaks the weekly quest options, and begins a new Battle Pass season.

The Taihua Instance unlocks on normal mode today and in easy mode on Sunday, both at 12:00 server time. This new raid will take you into the mountains. Grab a new quest in Cloudrise to get an introduction to the new raid. Head over to Taihua Mountain and climb Xiaoming Peak and only then can you complete it in a group of 10 to 20 players. There will be a number of bosses to beat in this dungeon with a number of new reward opportunities. 

For easy mode, the usual training ground with lower-tier rewards that will get you used to the raid mechanics and strategies, the rewards seem improved. You can possibly get your hands on pet items, collectibles, gold, or the flying mount Ghost Vulture wings. 

Normal mode ups the challenge and gives the opportunity to take home level 195 gear and the Ghost Vulture Wings flying mount. 

Eventually, harder modes will come, as usual, so this is the time to prepare.

Other changes in the new update include another weekly quest option, where you can now use Langquan Bridge or the Taihua Instance as your target, and some bug fixes.

The update also begins a new Battle Pass season, Season 7. If you got a Battle Pass Voucher from the free to play transition last month, you can use it on the Season 7 pass. This is the last season you’ll be able to apply the voucher, so if you have one it’s in your interests to use it. For those who want more rewards, there’s the premium pass available in the shop as well.

For more, see the notes over at Swords of Legends Online.


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