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Swords of Legends Online Update 2.1, Attack of the Biyouji! Bringing New Instances, Zones, And Story Next Week

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Swords of Legends Online is moving towards its 2.1 update, which is coming next week. Attack of the Biyoji! will bring new content, continue the storyline, change raid loot, and add instances. 

The update will continue the story and the title lends a hint at what to expect. In Shenzhou, there are mysterious events occurring. After investigation by the Qin League, it seems that a large biyouji has gotten loose. Later, it is clear that there are more of them in the Dragonstar District.

This is the premise behind the update, which brings the Dragonstar District into the game and the Dracos, who you’ll be able to help take on the dangerous situation. The district will be the center of the investigation and efforts, but is not the only new zone coming.

Also in the update is the Realm of Light. This demon realm is different, featuring clear skies, snowy mountains, and an almost peaceful appearance. Divided into the upper Peace Domain and the lower War Domain, now with a tear in the planes allowing travel between them, so it’s also affected by the biyouiji invasion via the War Domain.

There will be a new PvP season, including maps, two new instances in the first patch, new content for Leisureland, and more.

Expect a raid loot revamp in 2.1, with a new system that will 100% guarantee that you get gear for each raid boss that you kill. This is one way the team wants to make gearing up appropriately easier. 

There’s also a new option that will let you try out abilities a bit before your full commitment. The Martial Artist feature will let you, after reaching Student 2, use it and it will help you try out and familiarize yourself with skills for your class and try things out. Since it’s designed for those who don’t know their class well, it won’t be of any benefit to more experienced players.

See the announcement over at Swords of Legends Online.


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