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Swords of Legends Online Update 2.1, Attack of the Biyoji! is Here

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Swords of Legends Online  has a packed new update today, with Attack of the Biyoji! moving the game into version 2.1. The update features a brand new story continuation, new zones, new instances, a new PVP season coming next week, and a whole lot more.

When we say this is a big update, even the team thought that the official patch notes were too long for the usual post and put all 11 pages of them into a .pdf document. So what’s in those 11 pages? A whole new adventure, to start. The Qin League has received a request for help and guess who is just the person to help them with the mystery at hand. Accept this quest and you’ll begin the new story, discover the new Dragonstar District, and the new open world Realm of Light. You’ll also get item level 195 gear by the end of the questline.

Dragonstar District is where the Dracos live. This is also where the new zones connect and will be your entry point and base for this new chapter after you get there. The Peace Domain: Realm of Light will also be where you get some exploration in, but it’s not your usual demon realm. It has layers, and you’ll have to figure out what those mean and how to navigate them.

There’s a new Battleground, Mirrorstone Cabin, which arrives as a Battle of the Continents mode with four teams of five players each fighting for victory. Also in this update is the Three-Legged Sea, a new dungeon that arrives in normal mode today for 5-10 players. Eligibility will reset daily and a victory will drop item level 210 gear chests and more. The second dungeon in today’s update, Wild Demon Isle, opens with the same key loot and rules.

This update also changes raid drops. You'll get a guaranteed gear drop from each raid boss that you defeat, which should give players more opportunities to complete sets.

For all of the details on the very extensive update, including new battle pass, new rewards, the new martial artist mode, and a whole lot more, head over to Swords of Legends Online.


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