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Swords of Legends Online- Two New PvP Modes Coming in The Forbidden Court Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The next update for Swords of Legends Online, The Forbidden Court, arrives on November 18th. Today, we know more about the two new PVP modes in the update, including a brand new guild versus guild zone. This new update will also bring significant class balance improvements, which are geared for the PVP season as well.

Battle in the Sands is a 20 player two-stage mode that relies on skill and strategy. You can fight your way through to victory and rewards, or try another option. In the first stage, you’ve got five minutes to earn as many points as you can from taking down other players. In the battle, monster stones will spawn. If you pick one up, you are in for something special in the second half of the match.

In that second half, the field splits into two 10-person teams, each with a monster in the group. Those players who picked up the monster stones in the last round will be the monsters. If no one picked up a stone, the player who earned the most points in the free-for-all will be the monster. And this part of the battle involves picking up healing ruins. If you can get three, you win.

The other new mode, the Floating Islands of Chuyun, is for guilds to earn rewards through teamwork. In order to take part, your guild leader needs to register the alliance ahead of time. This mode has three phases. First, collect materials that will give you an edge in the siege portion, then get ready for the sieges. Attackers need to conquer and defeat the defenders in their strongholds. Defenders have to protect the soul source core, which attackers are trying to destroy.. Once the dust has settled, each island has an owner and the rewards will flow.

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