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Swords of Legends Online Stream Today Talks Changes Between Closed Beta Tests

Stream starts at 3pm EDT/12pm PDT

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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A stream today by the Gameforge team will dive into the differences between the two closed beta tests of the upcoming MMORPG, Swords of Legends Online. The two tests, one which ended last week and another that starts tomorrow, June 1st, will see players able to hop into the upcoming MMO and test out its content before its official launch this summer.

SOLO's streams have before been a wealth of information, as the team has dove into the specific mechanics of each class, shown off their class areas and even broken down their in-game store in its entirety. Today's stream, which starts at Noon Pacific/3pm Eastern time, will go over the changes players can expect to see in the upcoming beta test, which is slated to go live tomorrow, June 1st.

Tune in and watch Game Designer "Atmorph" and Community Manager "Phaendar" discuss the changelog for the upcoming second Beta phase. Next to some smaller adjustments and a first look at the partial voiceovers, there might even be a little surprise about things to come! Additionally, some final beta keys will be given away, to give a lucky few of you the chance to experience those changes first-hand.

Swords of Legends Online's next beta goes live tomorrow, with predownloading available now. For those who participated in last week's closed beta, you should have access to this round as well, able to pick up where you left off when the first test closed. If you weren't able to take part, today's stream might be your chance to snag a code as the Gameforge team will be giving them away live during the presentation. You can check out the stream today on the official Twitch channel as well as their YouTube and Steam pages.

You can check out our thoughts on the upcoming MMO, including how its movement mechanics have changed how I look at movement across the board, on our game page. You can also read up on some of the PvP modes and dungeons you'll encounter during your beta period.


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