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Swords of Legends Online Stream Shows Off First Post-Launch Raid; New Summer Event And Battle Pass Launches Today

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Swords of Legends Online released officially in the West earlier this month, and the developers have already added the first of their post-launch content, bringing a summer event and its battle pass to the MMO.

The event itself runs through September 2nd and is open to players who have reached Beginner Level 18 and higher. The event brings daily quests and activities to the MMO, giving players the chance to win some cosmetic swimwear and more.

Players will descend on Dragon Turtle Island and will cultivate watermelons for Xi Guamiao in Cloudrise, as well as search for buried treasure and more. You can check out the full details of the event on the official website.

Also coming today is the battle pass, which starts today and runs through the 2nd of September. The pass will give players cosmetic items as you complete the pass, which is done through dungeons, PVP battles and other activities in-game.

"The Battle Pass is available from 22nd July to 2nd September (starting and ending at 6 AM server time). Complete dungeons, PvP battles and other game activities every day to earn progress for Battle Pass milestones.You’ll receive points for completed tasks, with some activities earning you more than others. You can earn up to 10 points a day. Once you’ve accumulated enough points to reach the next milestone, you can collect your reward!"

Finally, the developers at Gameforge streamed their first post-launch raid. The new raid itself sees players teaming up to take down six bosses and earn loot to kit out their Immortal in the best gear possible. You can check out the raid in the stream embed below, and interested players can start their journey in the raid come next week.


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