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Swords of Legends Online Stream Scheduled For Wednesday; Showing Off First Post Launch Raid

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Swords of Legends Online launched back on July 9th, and the team has been hard at work getting their first post launch content drop, including a new raid as well as the upcoming summer festival.

In a post on the official game page, Swords of Legends Online's developers have detailed what players can expect in their next live-stream, which is coming this Wednesday, July 21st at 3pm EDT/12pm PDT. The new stream will see Game Designer Atmorph and QA Specialist Baldrov take a look at the Jade Palace - Swords of Legends Online first raid.

The duo will also be looking at the summer festival, one of the first major events to come out in the MMO since its early July launch.

 "Game Designer "Atmorph" will be joined by Quality Assurance Specialist "Baldrov" to take a closer look at the activities coming to the game with our first big event. Should you still have open questions around the Battle Pass, which finds its way into the game in the same update, this is also the perfect stream to ask those.

After all that, if time allows it, the two will face off against the gruesome foes of the Jade Palace - SOLO's first raid, featuring 6 boss encounters."

You'll be able to check out the stream on both the Twitch and YouTube channel, as well as the MMO's Steam page. Swords of Legends Online has been trucking along since its launch, despite issues with the North American server and ping complaints. The team at Gameforge announced that in the first weekend since launch SOLO sold through 200K units. 


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