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Swords of Legends Online Showcases Its Summoner Support Class In Latest Preview

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Swords of Legends Online has been revealing a new class every day this week, capping off the work week with its support and pet class, The Summoner.

SOLO's Summoner class sees players acting as support, whether it be a way to heal and boost allies or do a little crowd control with their summoned pets during the fight. Like all of the classes before it, the Summoner class has two masteries to use, Nature's Wrath and Nuwa's Blessing.

Nature's Wrath sees the Summoner...erm...summon pets, either to deal damage or "distract enemies." Nuwa's Blessing, however, seems to operate like a healing/buff support class, using a harp to summon a healing fairy named Moluo to heal and buff allies.

"The Summoner’s strength is drawn from a deep connection to the natural world, which they channel through a magical harp charged by the elements. Living in peace atop the Heavenly Ridge, the priests of the Liao clan are devoted to the goddess Nüwa and the spiritual realm from which they summon mighty beasts to aid them in battle."

This week the team has showcased five of the MMORPG's six classes, with only the Spearmaster remaining to be revealed. The team has released a trailer for the Summoner showing the different masteries in action, including the various pets Summoner's can bring to bear during combat.

Swords of Legends Online will be hitting PC in the West later this year on Steam, Epic Games Store and the Gameforge client, starting at $39.99 and going all the way towards $99.99 for the collector's edition, the varying prices being due to cosmetics and in-game loot. The MMO has detailed many of its six classes this week, such as the hybrid DPS Reaper or the spell and sword-slinging Spellsword.


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