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Swords of Legends Online Removes Soul Qi Pet Leveling System, Adds Catch-Up for Items Bug

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Swords of Legends Online’s latest update changes how pets work, as well as how you  dismantle equipment and unlock skills through the system. In fact, they have removed the whole system that involves feeding your pet to gain Soul Qi.  Other changes in the update include additions to the Langquan Road Merchant and several bug fixes.

The pet menu is now only going to be a visual system, so when you press P you'll customize the look, but you don't have to feed items to your pet to get Soul Qi. And you also don't need Soul Qi to upgrade passive skills. Instead, the passive skills that were formally learned by this system will now be a collection item, so that you can still  hold on to the benefits they brought you. This will now unlock with the quests that used to explain pet feeding and skill leveling, which you can get at Beginner level 15. If you have any Soul Qi left over that you haven’t used, you’ll get an ingame package with the equivalent, and you can sell that to a merchant for gold.

You'll also be able to, after this patch, dismantle item level 180 PvE equipment through your inventory. Once a week, you can use the Dismantle button that will appear on eligible gear and you'll get Mysterious Parchments for the effort. Once you have them, you can exchange your mysterious parchment for here by using the book of mysteries. You'll also be able to see your Understanding value for each gear tier.

When the team released patch 2.0.3, they fixed a previous bug that had distribution of  two items set to  be obtainable a number of times per day, when the original setting was meant to be per week. Because some players were able to  take advantage before the team realized there was an error,  there is a special catch-up opportunity. Players will be able to buy the two affected items, Soulforce Chest: Sage and Runestone I (PvE), from the Langquan Road merchant In some quantity based on how often you bought those items while the bug was in effect.

For the full update notes, head to Swords of Legends Online.


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