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Swords of Legends Online Opens New PvP Season and Adds Hard Mode for Three Firestone Legacy Dungeons

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Starfire season has begun in Swords of Legends Online with the arrival of patch 2.0.2. This brings the hard mode of the first three dungeons in The Firestone Legacy chapter, along with the start of the PVP season, Starfire.

The first three dungeons that arrived with the recent update, Firestone Grave of Dreams, Rotting Grotto, and Heavenly Gate Labyrinth, are all now available in hard mode. These are open for groups of 5-10, at Sage level 1, and will reset each week on Thursdays. If you're successful, then you’ll walk away with level 180 gear and other rewards.

If PvP is more your thing, then the season has opened with Garden of Blades and Battle Squad. Time for you to do your best and rank up. You’ll be able to purchase PvP Sealstones from the PvP merchant too, if you’re looking to enchant your level 180-185 gear to give you a boost. In another change this week, Inscribed Celestine and Elite Warrior Celestine Boxes will now give current PvP Equipment in time for the new season.

You can unlock the Sea of Clouds menu in the interface for your Alliance if you’re in one. And once you’ve done that, the Ice Crystal quest will become available during scheduled times on the server. You can register for it from Thursday 11:00 server time to Friday 18:00 server time. There are times for prep on Friday and Saturday, with the event’s active battle happening on Saturdays 20:30-21:30 server time.

With the arrival of The Firestone LegacySwords of Legends Online also went free to play,so there have been some changes overall. This week’s update also had a few more tweaks, like adding the summon button for Battle Companions back to open world maps, removing some now unobtainable housing items, and unlocking the Split Meridian Glyph for old Spellsword characters.

Read the full notes for this week’s new update over at Swords of Legends Online.


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