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Swords of Legends Online Offers A Chance To Win Merch For Beta Test Feedback

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Swords of Legends Online has just come off the heels of two beta periods, the second of which just ended, and now the team is looking for feedback ahead of the launch. In exchange for providing insights to the Gameforge team, SOLO is offering players a chance to win merch from the upcoming MMORPG.

As the beta periods close, the team is looking for any feedback in order to get the full experience ready ahead of its launch this summer. To entice some players who might not just simply offer up feedback, Swords of Legends Online is giving those players a chance to earn some merchandise for their trouble. 

It actually looks rather easy, as you'll simply provide feedback, earn entries into the giveaway, and potentially start sipping coffee from a SOLO-themed coffee mug or even play the upcoming MMORPG by lantern-light.

To enter, you'll need to head to the giveaway page and record your feedback. There are tasks as well, which can earn you additional giveaway entries. To be entered you'll need to provide your feedback and complete a task until June 20th. From there, Gameforge will select 10 winners and connect with them via the email they signed up with to get them their merch. 

Swords of Legends Online has been doing a media blitz since first being announced a few months back. Targeting a summer release, the team has detailed their in-game cash shop on recent streams, as well as highlighted some of the various gameplay activities you'll do in the MMORPG, including some recently revealed Alpha gameplay diving into questing in Dreamworld.


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