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Swords of Legends Online Launching Two New Hard Raids, PvP Changes Tomorrow

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Swords of Legends Online will get the last two hard raids still waiting to be released and a range of other changes (including an end to season 2 Battle Pass) with the next update coming tomorrow, October 14th.

The past several updates have brought the game's hard raids into focus, with the goal of getting higher content ready and available for those who are ready to take it all on. The last two hard raids coming are Ice World and Ruins of Nuowo. Both of these have a recommended item level of 80 and can be accessed once a week. They'll reset on Thursdays at 6am server time. 

Ice World's rewards include level 90 gear, PvE Seastones, gear recipes, an Exquisite Fairy Tofu and some new pet related materials. Ruins of Nouwo will give you a chance to walk away with level 90 gear, recipes, and pet related materials, as well as an Exquisite Squirrel Mandarinfish. For both of these, as with the other hard raids, they can only be queued for manually. No auto matchmaking yet.

The Season 2 Battle Pass also comes to an end with this update, since the new season is fast on its way.

There are also some PvP changes that are intended to support the end of the current season and a new one set to begin later next month. One of the changes will be to Garden of Blades, which will start granting more rating points when completed, which will boost some players that were lagging behind or started later. Battle of the Continents will, when reaching 2400 Combat Spirit, be boosted automatically to Crimson Moonlight III rank if not there already. Both of these changes will help the competitive field to grow and give more characters a chance to catch up.

For more on the full update for SOLO, you can check the notes here.


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