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Swords of Legends Online Kicks off Winter Events And Gets Ready for Hard Mode Sparkwood Gardens

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Swords of Legends Online’s final planned update for 2021 is here to usher in the winter events as well as set up the game for the arrival of the next hard raid at the end of the month. 

It’s time to celebrate the end of the year and the winter holiday events. With everything decorated in Shenzhou, plan to spend some time with some winter games created with humor, but offering real rewards and exclusive stuff to earn. 

Among the winter events are Realm of Truth: Driving Snow, which sees five players compete to get through a maze. Oh, and you’ve been turned into snowmen. Compete and score high and you’ll get tradable tokens for prizes. Still want another challenge as a snowman? Huaixiu Village: Driving Snow  is a 10-player battleground PvP event where everyone is a snowman. If you sense a theme here, there’s also The Snow Game, where you can gift items to local snowmen. And turn into one after you get a transform token after giving three gifts to the same snowman. You’ll also be able to build snowmen. Other games include finding treasure and decorations for a Christmas tree, The King of Roast Chicken daily quest, and more. 

There are also themed items in the cash shop, like the Moon Bunny costume (which also gives you a bunny hop emote) and a holiday panda pet.

If you’re looking for more rewards for your raiding, there’s also the arrival of the hard mode for the Sparkwood Gardens raid on December 30th. This one will open without added downtime, just show up to the Floral Palace with a group of 10-20 players equipped for item level 105 and fight your way through the bosses for a chance at level 120 gear, recipes, and more. 

The holiday events will run through January 6th. See these update notes for more on what’s to come from now to January 6th over in SOLO


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