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Swords Of Legends Online Is Out To Remind You That You Needn't Play The MMO Solo

Despite the acronym, this is a social game

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Despite the acronym, Swords of Legends Online is a social game, and the team at Gameforge is out to ensure players remember that. 

SOLO is releasing in the West on July 9th, and while the acronym might be misleading, the Chinese developed game is truly an MMO. The team at Gameforge took to their blog to detail some of the social features players can use whilst romping through the MMORPG to stay in touch with other players along their journey.

One feature of note is the Dragonstar Lists, a group of leaderboards for all to see whilst in game. These boards don't just track the most prolific alliances, but also which players have the most money, or the players who have the best relationships with the various NPCs you'll come in contact with. 

Swords of Legends Online will also feature a Mentor and Apprentice programs that will see players group together to help each other out. 

"The Mentor and Apprentice system is a great system which benefits both partners. Whether you are the mentor or the apprentice, you can unlock special titles and items in the game, and provide support and succour to your opposite number."

Mentors can have up to six apprentices, while the latter can have three mentors. Players can teleport to each other a few times each day to do PvP, explore the open world, complete dungeons and more together.

Alliances are also another way to keep in touch with other players. These alliances are like guilds in other MMOs and will see players able to join to take part in special events, group up for dungeons and more. Alliances can also earn resources for their, well, alliance, by completing alliance events. 

As always too, there is a chat system and friends list - the point is that SOLO needn't be played solo. You can check out the full run down of the social features on the official website. In case you missed it too, Swords of Legends Online will be officially releasing in the West on July 9th.


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