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Swords of Legends Online Getting First Christmas Event and Sparkwood Gardens Hard Raid

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The holiday season is upon us, and that means more and more events to celebrate and have some fun and close out the year. Swords of Legends Online is getting into the festive season with new events, a wintery theme, new events and more.

The upcoming event is the first Christmas event for the game. Expect new content, mini games,  seasonal activities, lots of loot, and more. The major November update, The Forbidden Court, introduced a new zone to explore in the latest chapter, and this month’s updates and event will expand on all of that, with a new four boss raid, as well aa a new hard difficulty mode for the Sparkwood Gardens raid. 

Before all that, however, there’s also a new story trailer out today to get you caught up on “Swords of Legends Online & The Story So Far: The Forbidden Court”, which should get you right up to speed through The Forbidden Court update and what to expect if you’re continuing or even returning.

The new winter event will run from December 16th through January 6th. The event is the fourth major event in the first six months of SOLO's western release. The winter event will feature daily and weekly quests to earn new loot, take on other players in an icy maze, or even befriend some snowmen.  This holiday themed festival will also feature new shop items, including a majestic icy mount, the Ice Moon Qilin, as well as some themed costumes in the shop too.

The wintery festive reprieve will give everyone some time to relax before Sparkwood Gardens gets its new hard mode. The upcoming four-boss raid is also on the way, though details on that one are still to come from the team. More content and continued expansion of raid difficulty modes will also be coming in 2022.

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