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Swords of Legends Online Gets A Launch Trailer Ahead Of Friday's Release

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Swords of Legends Online is two days away from releasing here in the West, and the team at Gameforge are celebrating with a launch trailer, showing some gameplay as well as cinematics within the SOLO world.

The trailer, which also features a rousing soundtrack aimed at getting potential players amped to dive into the world of SOLO, also works as an accolades trailer of the previews done thus far. In the trailer we see a few snapshots of cinematics trying to lay the groundwork for some of the story that lays ahead for fans out there. The trailer then transitions to in-game footage, showing players traveling, fighting, flying and more together.

The trailer itself, which debuted via IGN's YouTube channel, doesn't exactly convey much of what Swords of Legends Online is really about, per se. However, it definitely looks pretty.

Recently as well Swords of Legends Online hit up Reddit in an AMA ahead of the launch to talk about the upcoming MMO. One of the topics surrounded microtransactions, which the Gameforge team has been pretty upfront about ever since the MMO's first livestream a few months back. The team is adamant that no boosters will ever be sold and that, while SOLO will have a battle pass post launch, the tracks will be purely cosmetic in nature. 

Swords of Legends Online releases in the West on July 9th on both the Gameforge client as well as Steam on PC.


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