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Swords of Legends Online Experiences Stability and Performance Issues for NA Servers, Investigation Ongoing

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Swords of Legends Online’s launch has not entirely gone smoothly as ongoing server problems have caused substantial performance and stability hitches. Swords of Legends Online (SOLO) was taken down multiple times for emergency maintenance over the past 24 hours as Gameforge continues to grapple with the underlying problems surrounding the issues.

While launch problems are generally par for the course when it comes to MMORPG’s and other live service games, Swords of Legends Onlines NA Server problems have been nearly constant from the jump. Despite contacting Microsoft in an attempt to identify the source of the issue on July 9th around 3:00 pm, servers were brought down once again around 7:00 am July 10th for emergency maintenance.

Servers are currently back up and working, but some users are still reporting crashes, visual glitches and more. On the official discord, Quality Assurance team member Baldrov has popped in at times to assist in getting players back in the game and working as intended. Many users in the discord are currently still experiencing instances of login servers not showing, or FPS problems, but Gameforge continues to assert that they are on the case and will continue to monitor the issue, and resolve the problem accordingly.

NA Maintenance has wrapped up, server is back open. We're continuing to monitor the situation over the next hours and will make adjustments as needed.”

-Phaendar, Community Manager, Official forums, Sword of Legends Online

Hopefully the stability problems cease in the near future so players can enjoy the realm of Shenzou and its eastern-inspired world. Learn more about Swords of Legends Online by watching their launch trailer, or reading through the informative Q&A that covered questions surrounding monetization, loot boxes and players housing.


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