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Swords of Legends Online Drops Patch Notes Ahead Of Tomorrow's Release

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Swords of Legends Online releases in the West tomorrow, and to give players a leg up the team at Gameforge has dropped some patch notes ahead of the launch in the morning.

The mos tpressing bit of information for many players will be the unlock time. While SOLO is available on PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store and through Gameforge's own launcher, it won't be unlocked right at the stroke of midnight. Instead players will need to wait until at least 8am EDT/5am PDT to start crashing the servers.

Additionally, if you took part in any of the Closed Betas and involved yourself in the various events, such as the hand-washing one, you should see your goodies arrive tomorrow as well. You'll need to check out the gift pack center which is an icon next to the shop below the minimap in your UI.

There are also a few release events the team is doing, such as a 7-day log in even where players can claim a free gift each day they log in the next week.

"After you’ve reached Student 1, you’ll be able to claim a gift every day for the next 7 days. The items include a red fox ground mount, Mysterious Parchments for gearing progression, and even an item level 60 gear piece on day 7!"

On Saturday and Sunday there will also be a quiz event players can take part in to show off their Swords of Legends Online knowledge. Players who do well will get rewards each day of the quiz. 

Some players may also notice a change in the character creation screen, as SOLO now supports darker skin tones. 

"We were really pleased to hear your feedback and worked with the developers to include two additional skin tones during character creation. The following options are now available for both male and female characters:"

One major change is the movement of the Sword Master Adventure screen from being hidden in the mini-map to its own dedicated screen. This is a quest log of sorts that shows your progress in the main story quests and side tasks you'll need to do to unlock rewards. Now this screen will be available via a new hotkey, as well the main menu, making it much easier to track your progress. 

Speaking of progress, there are also changes coming to leveling progression, with changes being made to improve the experience, especially between levels 34 and 36. Experience, such as that earned through Heroic Events and the tutorials will now give you increased amounts, 

You can check out the full notes on the Swords of Legends Online website. In case you missed it, SOLO released a launch trailer yesterday, giving some gameplay and cinematic glimpses into the world players will be hipping into tomorrow. 


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