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Swords of Legends Online Details Its Magic Sword-Wielding Spellsword Class

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Another day, another class breakdown from Swords of Legends Online. Since being announced last week that the Chinese MMORPG was making its way to the West, publisher Gameforge has been on a tear, revealing each of the classes players can check out in the upcoming MMO. This time it's the magic and sword-wielding Spellsword.

The DPS Spellsword class can get up close and personal or deal damage from afar with its two Masteries: The Bladestorm and The Sword Artist. Bladestorm sees the Spellsword get up in their opponents faces, dealing damage with their "razor-sharp blades." The class also seems highly mobile as it's able to weave between enemies at ease.

The Sword Artist uses the Spellsword's magic abilities to hang back outside of melee range, dealing death from afar. Still highly mobile, the Spellsword uses their energy to teleport around the battlefield for better positioning.

"Hailing from the mountaintop paradise of Taihua Temple, the Spellswords came into being after a series of disagreements between students that led to the group splitting. Those who remained at the temple studied and perfected the Nine Imperial Sword Techniques, combining magic with exquisite swordsmanship inspired by the legendary Zhengyang."

Earlier this week the team behind Swords of Legends Online showed off the DPS/Support hybrid class, Reaper, as well as the melee tank Berserker. The Spellsword seems to fit in the middle as a pure DPS class, whichever way you play it. Swords of Legends will be revealing more classes throughout the rest of the week, as the MMO will have six playable classes at launch, including the aforementioned classes as well as the Bard, Spearmaster and Summoner.

Swords of Legends Online is due out in the West later this year, though no real release date has been given just yet. The MMORPG will be published in the West by Gameforge and is a remastered and improved version of the popular Chinese MMORPG, Gu Jian Qi Tan Online.


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