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Swords of Legends Online Delays The Firestone Legacy By a Week, Promises a Balance Update Too

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The planned launch of the upcoming huge update The Firestone Legacy for Swords of Legends Online has been pushed back by one week to March 3rd. This also affects the date which the game changes over to a free-to-play mode, the PvP season, Battle Pass and more. There will also be additional changes coming with the extra time to polish the update.

They are delaying  the release of this massive update with its new classes, new dungeons, new raids, and of course the free-to-play model change and what that requires as well. In a letter from the Product Manager shared today, an apology for not meeting the promised date announcing the delay. Also a request for a little more patience since they need more time to finalize the update in full and bring it to the live game.

With the delay there are also additional changes, including the current PVP season being extended through February 24th and the Battle Pass season also extended by one week to end on March 3rd. There's more time to earn yourself some rewards.  

The extra time also means that they will be putting out a class balance and quality of life update with The Firestone Legacy. The balance changes will affect the existing classes and the new ones coming, the Fox Mage and the Warrior. Through this, the already huge update gets even bigger but the balance changes will arrive at the same time, and include additional quality of life fixes. Looking on the bright side, this could mean that getting used to the changes coming in the new update will be a bit easier since they are all coming at the same time. 

The team promises an undated roadmap once they have the new details together. (Catch up on our coverage of the Firestone Legacy and the next chapter of Swords of Legends Online)


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