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Swords of Legends Online Brings Back Halloween Hide and Seek and Extends Battle Pass Season

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Halloween is coming to Shenzhou with the latest Swords of Legends Online update. Halloween event will run from tomorrow October 27th through November 17th. The update will also extend Battle Pass season 10.

Halloween in Swords of Legends Online will involve the Golden Pumpkin Banquet. There will be a minigame that you can play through for reward opportunities. As with last year’s event, the 3v3 minigame involves playing on the side of the seekers or the Jaqo Luanters. 

The event will be open from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. server time for matchmaking. When the game starts, the Jaqo Luanters must move around, as they are in the shape of human pumpkins. Their goal will be to keep away from the Seekers as long as possible and run out the clock on the round. Move, run, fly, and transform into objects in order to keep hidden.

Each round has a four-minute timer, so you’ll have to keep moving. Every second that a player on the Jaqo Luantern side stays alive, they earn points, and can get additional points for collecting sweets while they’re on the map.  

If you are on the side of the Seekers, these players will be immortal and they will be wearing pumpkin heads. Don't have to worry about damage and you can use ranged attacks and your senses to see if you can find any hiding players nearby. 

To win, the Seekers must find and defeat all Jaqo Luantern players. For the Jaqo Luantern side, they must have at least one person left alive when time runs out to take the win. 

The Swords of Legends Online team announced that Battle Pass Season 10 will be extended, but details will be on the way soon.

For more on the Halloween event, head over to Swords of Legends Online.


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