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Swords of Legends Online Begins the Dragon Boat Festival, Boosts Battle Pass Through Season's End

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Swords of Legends Online is getting into the summer heat with a celebration, the Dragon Boat Festival. The event begins with today’s update, which also enhances the Battle Pass, and fixes a handful of bugs.

The Battle Pass will be getting some boosts for the next few weeks. As a way to finish the current season, which will end on June 22nd, from now until then you’ll get more points daily. Certain activities will also be more rewarding. This should all help players to maximize their rewards for the current season. 

The Dragon Boat Festival is also happening, and this event will help you to cool off, according to the lore. And race. There will be races, prizes, and other things to collect and exchange for more goodies. 

Ai Cong has brought a very unique method of cooling down with her from her home, Jiangdu. All interested immortals are invited to visit her on the Blessed Dew Terrace to try the Dragon Boat Race.

If you’re able to participate, you can start collecting Water Swordleaves during the event. Get enough of those and you can trade them in for a number of items, including an Avatar Set, fireworks, or a Star Cosmetic.

This update also fixes several frustrating bugs. Taihua Instance’s third boss encounter had some reported FPS issues. The first boss in that instance was also bugged, where the boss wouldn’t push you off after the Enrage Timer, leading to some players being unable to progress. Both of these have been fixed in the patch.

Both Taihua Instance and Langquan Bridge were made available in Extreme Mode on Thursday, so these issues addressed are just in time to let players enjoy the newest challenges. 

For more on today’s update, you can read the full patch notes over at Swords of Legends Online.


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