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Swords of Legends Online Adds Two New Dungeons, Starts the Spring and Easter Events

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Swords of Legends Online continues adding new content to extend the reach of The Firestone Legacy update. With two new dungeons, you'll be able to reach a new equipment level of 195. 

Dungeons are at the center of this update. The Jubao Residence dungeon has both Normal and Hard modes added with today’s update. Find the dungeon located in the Shanghuai Grasslands near the teleportal to Cloudrise.  Usually, the game adds Normal and Hard mode but unlocks them on separate days, but today they both unlock together. 

Both modes are for 5 to 10 players. For normal mode, loot eligibility resets daily so it can serve as a training ground for moving up in difficulty. If you win, there's a chance for item level 165 gear and other rewards. Hard mode will drop  level 195 gear fragments among other items. eligibility  on this mode resets weekly on Thursdays.

The other dungeon added in this update is the Wuyu Hummock Forest. Just like with Jubao Residence, both Normal and Hard mode unlock today together. The loot for these dungeons also works the same way, with normal mode  having a chance for 165 gear level drops and loot eligibility resetting daily so you can use it for training. Hard mode will drop 195 gear fragments and others, and resets loot eligibility every week.

With the addition of level 195 gear, there are different options for getting gear fragments, including things like Fishing and Treasure Hunt, but bosses are probably your best chance.

This update also begins the Easter/Spring events. You'll be able to participate in these events from today through April 28th and they include an Easter egg hunt, with rotating eggs in different places to find every day. you can trade your eggs for cosmetic items and wallpaper. Another event is the Bird Brawl, where you turn into a bird to compete at the Spring Festival. Prices here include Cosmetics, recipes, and items that let you change the weather in your characters home. Finally, there is a tug-of-war game available.

For the update notes, head to Swords of Legends Online.


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