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Swords of Legends Online Adds Sparkwood Gardens Raid, and New Event Begins

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Tomorrow’s weekly update for Swords of Legends Online introduces the first raid of the recently launched Forbidden Court update, The Sparkwood Gardens. With four new bosses to challenge, and two modes, you’ll be able to take on the raid once per week.

As with other raids, this one will open in both easy and normal modes. Easy mode gets you prepared to take on harder challenges and won't drop any progression items, but you will be able to complete the cultivation quest and grab pet items if you win. Normal difficulty will be open to challenge 10 to 20 player groups, via manual matchmaking only, and you'll be able to get level 105 gear, Sealstones IV (PVE), recipes for gear, crafting materials, and more. 

Tomorrow’s update will also start the new PVP season. Everything earned after tomorrow’s update will count towards the new season and award Yunfeng’s Seals and ranking progress for arena matches in PVP. 

The update also adds Sealstone IV (PVP) items to enchant item level 90 PVP gear. There are also new recipes that you craft Sealstone IV (PVP). There are new balance changes, Floral Palace heroic events will now properly count for the Battle Pass, and extreme mode gear has been scaled down. Some other quality of life fixes and localization changes have been added.

The other meat of this patch is the Nezha event. This is based on Nezha, a movie and series from China, with the movie available on Netflix if you want to get familiar with it. The event begins tomorrow with the pre-event start, Water the Lotus in Cloudrise. On December 2nd, in a week, the main event will start and you can enter the event map through the lotus. The Nezha event will end on December 23rd. 

For the full update details, check the full notes over at Swords of Legends Online.


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