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Swords of Legends Online adds Hard Mode Forbidden Court of the Floral Palace Raid

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The latest Swords of Legends Online is the first content update of 2022, and at the center of the update is the new hard mode raid, as well as a few changes and fixes.

Forbidden Court of the Floral Palace, the raid originally opened last month, following Sparkwood Gardens, and the overall arrival of The Forbidden Court update in November. The new hard raid will unlock tomorrow, January 13th, at 12:00pm server time. Players with item level 115 can compete for level 120 gear, PvE Sealstones IV, Weapon and Bracer Talisman III recipes, crafting recipes and materials. After the raid opens up tomorrow, you’ll be able to loot the boss once a week during live time until the following Thursday’s server reset.

While the original normal difficulty raid is more of a training ground and both auto and manual matchmaking are available, for hard mode, you can only team up and enter the raid manually.

Aside from the new hard raid, there are some changes affecting items like Mysterious Parchment and Soulforce Chest, which both had their weekly limits upped. Jade Helper Scroll is reopened, with players with item level 105 and under counting as Novices. There’s also an increase to the reward for the weekly completion of “Training Against Demons”. These join fixes for the UI, crafting, and quest fixes.

Overall, this first update of the year is light, but the new hard mode raid will provide some challenge for those who have been waiting for their turn in this level since the original raid was released. With more to enjoy from The Forbidden Court, next will be the Extreme mode when it’s ready. So while this update centers around the raid, the team isn’t done with the update it began rolling out in November.

Check the full update notes over at Swords of Legends Online.


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