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Swords of Legends Online Adds Extreme Raids for Those That Want the Pain

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Have you been running the recently added hard raids in Swords of Legends Online? Well, if that wasn't enough of a challenge for you, this week's update adds the first two of the Extreme raids along with some fixes. 

These first two Extreme raids will unlock on Sunday, October 24th at midnight server time. They're Horror of Huaixiu and Waves in a Tempest. As with the hard raids, you can only queue for these manually, so get your group of 10-20 together and ready to test yourselves even more.

So how do these Extreme raids work? They'll reset each week on Sunday at 6am server time, and all of the hard raids will unlock each week on Thursdays, should you want to plan for multiple days of loot seeking challenges. The same rules apply in that these can only be won and loot collected once per week, but the recommended item level for these raids has been raised to 85. 

So what kinds of things will you get for seeking the pain and completing this new even more difficult challenge? If you're victorious in Horror in Huaixiu, you will get drops of 60x Hero Token and a Star Cosmetic. Defeating Jiagong in Waves in a Tempest? Also 60x Hero Token but you'll also get a Mysterious Turtle Mount and your Star Cosmetic.

Also in the current update are some fixes and additions to the shop, with the just released season 3 Battle Pass, regular and premium, even featuring raid-related items like a Jiagong avatar and frame. Regular rewards include an avatar and Coin Bag. Some of the premium pass rewards include the Cherry Pavilion (which opens a dance for you) and a Little Floating Sprite, should you want to add a touch of spookiness to your character’s prize pile. For more, see the notes here.


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