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Swords of Legends Online Adding Some New Hard and Extreme Raids, and a Rewarding Dragonstar Anniversary

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Swords of Legends Online will get a new patch tomorrow with its weekly reset. The new update will add advanced difficulty modes for two raids, begin the Dragonstar Anniversary with a special quest, and more.

When it comes to SOLO, lots of stuff happens on a very large scale. One thing you can count on is that added raids and dungeons will be added for an initial challenge, and then in harder and harder forms until you get the chance to feel like a master.

This week, the difficulty and rewards get ramped up in Clash Over Divine Waters, which gets Hard mode unlocking after tomorrow’s update. This 10-20 person raid will drop level 270 gear and more if you manage a victory. This one will reset each Thursday. 

The second raid to arrive in its most difficult form is War Domain: Realm of Destroyed Evil, which will open up in Extreme mode on Sunday, October 9th. Also for 10-20 players, if you manage this one, you can get hero tokens - Renxia Jade. Of course, both of these are still available in lower-tier modes if you need to practice dealing with their mechanics.

The update also has some less intense features, including the Dragonstar Anniversary. This marks one year since the opening of the Dragonstar Trade Hall. With the anniversary comes a story of a traveling tailor who travels in search of an old friend who will model his clothing. However, before he could make an outfit, his illustrations were damaged by a biyouji. If you can gather Dragonstar pieces and recreate his illustrations, you can be the one who gets the outfits as a reward when he completes them.

The patch also updates some parchments and rewards, giving some of the latter a boost. 

You can read the full patch notes on tomorrow’s update over at Swords of Legends Online.


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