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Swords of Legends Online Adding New Raid, War Domain, Realm of Destroyed Evil This Week

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 If you’re looking for some more large scale strategic battles, Swords of Legends Online just might have the thing for you in its next update. War Domain, Realm of Destroyed Evil, a new raid, will open this week.

The most recent chapter in Swords of Legends Online has featured the invading Biyoji and some different approaches to demon realms, but now this new raid will shed some light on just what has been behind all the recent chaos. War Domain: Realm of Destroyed Evil (Gujian III) will reveal what sort of villain is behind the attacks, and, of course, it’s up to you to figure out how to defeat a series of demonic monsters in several challenging ways before you even get to who is behind what has been going on.

The team has released a description of the raid, along with some of the fiercest opponents:


A young and arrogant demon who, manipulated by the biyouji, has taken leadership of the demons in the Realm of Light. His weapon of choice is a long-bladed sword with a huge range, which he wields with deadly accuracy against his foes. He can also call forth demons to defend him, absorbing their souls to gain fresh energy when in trouble.”

As usual, there will be multiple difficulties released, with scaling rewards. First up, opening tomorrow is Normal Mode, a 10-20 player instance with item level 225 gear as possible drops. These will reset on Thursdays. 

If you need a little training first for a smoother on-ramp to the more intense challenge, the Easy mode will open up on Sunday, July 24th at 12pm server time. This will reset on Sundays and loot will be different, since easy mode is designed to serve as a way to learn the mechanics if you want to essentially practice before the real deal, though practice also still comes with rewards.

For the notes, head over to Swords of Legends Online.


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