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Swords of Legends Online Adding New Raid and Kicks off First Anniversary With Red Envelopes and Ducks

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Tomorrow there will be a new update for Swords of Legends Online that brings a brand new raid as well as kicks off the first anniversary.

War Domain: Realm of Hallucinations (Gujian III) is coming to test groups of 10-20 players. Initially, it will arrive in Normal mode on Thursday at 12pm server time and reset every Thursday. Sunday, July 17th at 12pm, Easy mode opens and resets Sundays. It's always about the demons, and this is the official description for the raid: 

“A realm connected to the Realm of Light and in the grasslands outside of Tianlu City. Thousand years ago a flock of demons fell here yet another giant demon now revolts once more under the influence of the Biyouji.”

Bring 10-20 players and fight for glory and those level 225 gear drops.

Also happening is the first anniversary event. The first anniversary of the Western edition of Swords of Legends Online is officially happening and the events will begin starting tomorrow, July 14th. Everyday several times a day, a red envelope will be available to all players  That are online at the special drop times. you can also obtain Dream Sand [Unlimited] and other rewards like the Storm Tiger or Illusory Blade II (Sage).

There will be some events for everyone, with an anniversary quiz that will run for five days and you can test your knowledge with all you've learned playing for the past year and get some rewards. Starting tomorrow until Thursday, August 4th, Dragon Turtle Beach will host special beach games for summer fun times.

The games, all daily quests, include running through as many cooling balls as you can, racking up points for rewards, which you can exchange for items including the  new yellow swimsuit. There’s a treasure hunt and shell find. Finally, another daily quest called Duck Fight PvP is exactly what it sounds like, and rewards for enough tokens include a Fat Duck pet.

For more, head over to the full notes over at Swords of Legends Online.


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