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Swords of Legends Online Adding New Hard Raids, Gear and Leveling Bonuses

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Tomorrow, Swords of Legends Online will add a couple of new hard raids, as well as some changes that could help newer and returning players get leveled and geared up ahead of the upcoming new season in October.

Following some downtime tomorrow, September 30th, the new update will go live. The first hard raid went live recently, so the new content just adds to the opportunities for some great loot. The first new raid, Waves in a Tempest, is for 10-20 players at a recommended item level of 75 to take on the hard version of Jiagong. Players can take him on once a week, with the server reset at 6:00 every Thursday. What will you get if you beat him? He drops level 90 gear, PvE Sealstones III, Weapon and Bracer Talisman II recipes, new pet materials, and more.

The second new hard raid is Horror of Huaixiu, also for 10-20 players, with item level recommendation of 75. In this raid, you'll enter Huaixiu Village and face the Wick of the Turquoise Lantern for a tougher battle. If you win this one, the rewards are very similar to the Waves in a Tempest loot, with level 90 gear, recipes, pet items, and more to discover.

For both of the new hard raids, you can only enter these dungeons manually, without automatic matchmaking help, so you'll have to do some organizing ahead to get a solid team.

Other new content and features should help players to level up and gear up so they can progress, especially as the game starts adding new hard raids and other high level content. These changes will include Mentor bonuses for mentees by using the "Time passes" skill to grant pet item level progress buffs. There's also a new item for Mentors that will open up trading of level 75 gear to a mentee. Drop rates of level 75 gear are also increasing.

For more, see the full official update notes. The update and hard raids will be live tomorrow.


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