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Swords of Legends Online Adding New Hard Raid, Two Extreme Dungeons Ahead of NewStory in September

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 The latest update for Swords of Legends Online introduces the Hard mode of the Realm of Destroyed Evil raid, along with the Extreme difficulty of two dungeons. Both Wild Demon Isle and Three-Legged Sea dungeons get this highest difficulty level in the new update.

Most recently, the invading Biyoji have been attackingand disrupting the balance everywhere. Three new raids opened last month, including The Realm of Destroyed Evil, and now this one gets boosted up for those who have gotten their fill of playing on normal and are looking for a test (and additional loot). Hard mode unlocks tomorrow, August 18th, at 12pm server time. The raid is for the usual 10-20 players, and this time the rewards reach level 240 gear.

For the two new Extreme raids, these are for 5-10 players and both of them, Wild Demon Isle and Three-Legged Sea, will unlock on Sunday, August 21st at 12pm server time. If you're successful, you can walk away with Ranxia Jade and more.

Although the focus is the new difficulties for those challenges, along with higher gear rewards,  there are a few fixes and an update to the Extreme Shop with new weapon skins and a new title. Item level 240 gear gets added to the combination tool with its introduction here. In an update to the Mentor system, the Jade Helper scroll will now let you earn some loot by helping other players to participate in the Realm of Hallucinations raid on Normal.

There’s also a new hint at what’s coming next month to Swords of Legends Online (via a Gameforge press release). September will bring a new storyline, new instances, and new events to Shenzhou.  Current season began in June, and there's still some time before the season ends to get rewards including some exclusive sets.

You can read the full notes for the weekly update over at Swords of Legends Online


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