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Switch Port House Panic Button Expresses Interest In Porting Survival Hit Valheim to The Nintendo Switch

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Valheim has taken the industry by storm the last month since it released into Steam early access. After netting 5 million copies sold within a month of its release. But could it see it set sail for platforms other than PC? If so, one studio has already expressed interest.

In an interview with Nintendo Life about today's Switch launch of Apex Legends, port house Panic Button talked about the challenges they had to overcome in bringing the battle royale title to Nintendo's platform. The studio is known for their excellent Switch ports, such as DOM EternalWolfenstein and more. 

The questions switched from Apex Legends to any other games the studio might be interested in porting to the platform. Head of Production Dan Hernberg chimed in with the survival game, Valheim.

"I'm not sure if this is my 'any game pick' but, right now I'm playing way too much Valheim andI would love to port that to the Switch," Herbnerg told Nintendo Life in the interview. The Viking survival game isn't the only one they would like to bring to the Switch, as Technical Director Any Boggs mentioned he'd like to see Bloodborne come to the platform. Even Respawn's Game Director of Apex Legends Chad Grenier got in on the action with a game he'd like to see brought to the platform with Dyson Sphere Program being the pick.

Valheim has seen some unprecedented success since launching into Early Access last month. Developer Iron Gate Studio has sold over 5 million copies of the title, and the game has insipired some insane builds from players across the globe, with one even recreating the famed Notre Dame cathedral.


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