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SWG Legends Posts Huge September Newsletter: Talks Upcoming Star Viper Content

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SWG: Legends has kept the Star Wars Galaxies dream alive and kicking with consistent updates and an active community. In the latest newsletter, the development team answers plenty of player questions, puts to rest support for the visual ILM mod, and teases some upcoming content.

After 18 years, Star Wars Galaxies is still here, thanks to the hard work of the development team and its fervent community. The September Newsletter answers a lot of questions posed by players from various social media platforms, and gives the community insight into what’s to come. Here are a few interesting questions that were answered in the Newsletter:

Q: Atmospheric Flight, I know it’s from a later state of the live game but how feasible is it? All the systems are already there aren’t they?

A: We have no plans to implement Atmospheric Flight as the game in its current state is not ready for such an expansion. The way it was originally implemented was not optimal and would require a great deal of work to get it functioning properly.

Q: The Legends Server seems like the economy is so out of balance, how do you expect new fresh players to even have a chance when almost everything is so expensive? What are you going to do to bring the economy into a more balanced state?

A: We understand this issue and the frustration that can come with it. We are planning major changes for different crafters (i.e. starship crafters) that will certainly be of some help.

Q: Will you be adding the bazaar that can be used in your house?

A: Eventually. Not anytime soon.

Q: Are there any plans to bring more items from the Trading Card Game into the game somehow?

A: Yes, we have plans to bring in more items. Our methods for inclusion will include (but are not limited to) both questlines and vet rewards.

-SWG: Legends Newsletter, Issue 11

This obviously is not an exhaustive list of questions. Another notable point mentioned within the newsletter is the addition of the Star Viper content that was last teased back in August of 2019. The team has been working at providing this content, which will include the following:

  • A new quest line involving a heist against the Black Sun.
  • New repeatable content for Space and associated rewards.
  • New Star Fighter, with an earnable alternate version.
  • New ship textures.
  • New decorative rewards.

The next Newsletter won’t hit until December, but if you haven’t kept up with SWGL: Legends then you have plenty to get caught up on. Back in May, the SWG: Legends team released the Bespin Expansion, which provided players with a whole new iconic location to explore, and exciting content to experience.


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